Are NetEnt Slots Rigged|Unraveling the Truth About NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt slots have a mass appeal in the gambling industry at with a high quality casino games. We take a look at ways the online protects players from rigged slots.

What is Slot Rigging?

Slot rigging is the process where the house interferes with the system of a slot machine. Therefore, the malicious activity makes the outcomes from spinning the reels favor the house at proiect-apuseni .

Return to player refers to the percentage of the winnings which is payable to a player by the casino after finishing all rounds. The RTP ensures fairness will all your winnings.


How Does NetEnt Ensure Fairness?

There are a number of techniques which NetEnt employs to prevent cases of rigged slots at online casinos. The techniques range from the production of the casino games by the supplier.

Use of Random Number Generator

The RNG refers to a written code in the architecture of the slot machine that generates random numbers. The random numbers created helps in generating random outcomes when spinning the reels.

  • Outcomes are completely random
  • RNG generates random outcomes with each spin

Variance of a Game

Variance refers to the payout percentages of a particular slot machine. It calculates the risk level that comes with each casino game and its impact on the winnings of a player.

Return to Player

A standard measure for calculating the wins of a player in an online casino is as a result of mathematical formulas. The calculations form part of the return to player.

Licensing and Regulation

All online casinos are under the international laws that govern online gambling. Before an online casino starts to offer casino games, it must have an operating license from a regulatory body.

  1. UK Gambling Commission
  2. Malta Gaming Authority

The same applies to NetEnt which holds operating license from the UK Gambling Commission. The license makes NetEnt a trusted supplier of casino games which meet the international standards for gambling.

Is Casino License Important?

Yes. There are many instances where a fair casino can make your winnings possible instead of a scam site that aims at ripping you off. A registered casino must follow rules regarding fairness.

How are the Games Fair?

The regulatory bodies tests and approves the games before being rolled out to online casinos. The regulatory bodies check the Random Number Generators to ensure it fits the international standards.

Where to Play?

Before starting to deposit your money on a site, you should read through the licensing information for the particular site. The information is found at the bottom part of the casino's page.

What About Free Slots?

There is no harm in trying out free slots from a particular online casino. However, it is important to read through the terms and conditions in addition to the wagering requirements.

How Can I Tell If a Game is Licensed by Regulator?

NetEnt casinos have public information for all the licensing credentials for a particular casino game. Playing in regulated markets means the gaming authorities regulate the website content for the casino.

Why are NetEnt Slots Not Available in My Country?

A license is required for a gaming company to operate in a country. NetEnt holds operating licenses in a number of the regulated markets across the globe for their games.

In case NetEnt is unavailable in your country, it means NetEnt does not hold operating license in your jurisdiction. However, you can still try out the free trial version of the games.